Being a service provider for public and private clients we perceive ourselves as a partner who contributes to the economic success of the building projects by advice, planning and supervision of the construction.

The planning and supervision of the technical installations can be provided for the following building projects:

  • Leisure pools
  • Open air / indoor pools
  • Wellness facilities
  • Health establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Commercial building projects like depots, garages, production halls
  • Schools, sports halls
  • Shopping center
  • Buildings of the German Federal Armed Forces

In addition to the planning services we also prepare, for the above mentioned building types, the drafting of an expert's report as well as surveys on the conceptual development of the building Project.
Furthermore do we prepare investigations of damages and we are accredited to provide hazard analyses of drinking water according to § 16, Abs 7, drinking water Regulation.

The core area of our office comprises technical installations, especially in the wellness and public health sector as well as in the process engineering of pools.
In these areas we accumulated a solid experience over the years and are therefore familiar with the relevant laws, regulations and provisions.

Our aim is to develop environmentally friendly building concepts for our customers which have low operating costs and fulfill the users’ high requirements.

The development of innovative, individual concepts is for us a desired challenge.

Our team gained extensive expert knowledge during plenty of realized projects in the following areas:

Technical facilities

Heating engineering

  • District heating facilities
  • Block heating stations
  • Boiler plants
  • Warm water pump heating systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Solar heat systems
  • Geothermal energy Systems

Ventilation technology

  • Ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery
  • Controlled ventilation of living quarters
  • Ventilations of laboratories
  • Air conditioning systems

Sanitary engineering

  • Drinking and warm water facilities for showers and other sanitary facilities for Legionella prophylaxis
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Cold / warm drinking water systems according to the drinking water regulation of the facility
  • Supply networks in public areas
  • Sewage collection systems for rainwater and waste water in facilities
  • Sewage processing plants
  • Water recycling plants for the production of gray-water

Process engineering for spas, wellness facilities and health establishments

  • Processing plants and public pools for peloids, like moor, fango and sludge, including their supply and disposal
  • Processing of natural brine, mineral water and saltwater as well as their disposal
  • Shallow wells and deep wells for saltwater and natural brine
  • Processing of sulfuric natural brine as well as its disposal 

Pool technology

  • Pool constructions according to DIN 19 643 for leisure pools, thermal pools, open air and indoor swimming pools
  • Processing of the fill-up water from lateral storage water, wells and drinking water supply networks according to the requirements for pool water
  • Processing plants for reversible flow waste water from filters

Photovoltaics facilities